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1. again Adverb

(a) de nouveau, encore (une fois); to be home ~ être de retour chez soi, être rentré chez soi
(b) with many verbs, you can translate again by prefixing re or to start ~, to begin ~ recommencer; to do sth ~ refaire qch; to see sb/sth ~ revoir qn/sth; it's been snowing ~ il a reneigé; to start sth ~ reprendre qch; to start studying ~ reprendre ses études; to put a CD on ~ remettre un CD; to switch the TV on ~ rallumer la télé; Batman was on the TV ~ ils ont repassé Batman à la télé; to start (all) over ~ recommencer à zéro
(c) with voici, voilà and occasionally other words on analogy, re is also possible here it is ~ le revoici; here we are ~ nous revoilà; (Infml) hi there ~! recoucou!
(d) never ~ ne ... plus jamais, ne ... (plus) jamais with verb prefixed with re or ; I'll never do it ~ je ne le referai (plus) jamais; I never want to see you ~ je ne veux (plus) jamais te revoir
(e) when asking somebody to repeat something déjà; what's your name ~? comment tu t'appelles déjà?

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