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1. are Verb

(a) are is the plural form of be; this verb is usually translated by the French verb être, and the exact form depends on the subject you ~... (referring to a single person, familiar form of address) tu es..., t'es... (Infml); (referring to either multiple people, or a single person addressed formally) vous êtes...; we are... on est..., nous sommes (frm); they are... ils sont... (masculine), elles sont... (feminine)
(b) see the entry for is: in many cases where you'd say c'est when translating is, use ce sont when translating 'they are' they're teachers ce sont des professeurs, ils sont professeurs; they ~ good teachers ce sont de bons professeurs; (See: is)
(c) also see the entry for is for cases where you translate be with avoir they're hungry ils (or) elles ont faim; how old ~ you? tu as quel âge?, t'as quel âge? (Infml), quel âge tu as? (Infml); quelle âge vous avez? (slightly Infml), vous avez quel âge?, quelle âge avez-vous? (frm); we're cold in here! on a froid là!

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