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1. her Determiner

(a) (indicating possession) son m, sa f, ses p; ~ brother son frère; ~ sister sa soeur; ~ parents ses parents
(b) (indicating possession: emphatic or contrast) son/sa/ses ... à elle; ~ brother, not his son frère à elle, pas à lui

2. her Pronoun

(a) (complement of verb) la (before verb in French); do you know ~? tu la connais?; did you see ~? est-ce que tu l'as vue?; I saw ~, not him je l'ai vue elle, pas lui; I saw him, not ~ je l'ai vu lui, pas elle
(b) (indicating recipient, indirect object) lui (placed before verb in French); I gave ~ a book je lui ai donné un livre; I'll make ~ a coffee je lui prépare un café
(c) (complement of preposition) elle; for/with ~ pour/avec elle
(d) (standing on its own) elle; who did you see: him or ~? qui est-ce que tu as vu: lui ou elle?; it's ~ c'est elle
(e) (in subject position when coordinated with another subject) elle; her and David came David et elle sont venus

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