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1. that Determiner

ce m ...(-là), cette f ...(-là), ces p ...(-là), (emphasising contrast between this) ce/cette/ces ... là-bas; I need ~ book j'ai besoin de ce livre, (as opposed to this book) j'ai besoin de ce livre-là, j'ai besoin de ce livre là-bas

2. that Determiner

~ one, (pl) those ones celui-là m, çui-là m (Infml), celle-là f, ceux-là mp, celles-là fp

3. that Pronoun

(a) (=miscellaneous topic, as object or subject of verbs except être) cela (slightly frm), ça; ~ will help us ça (or) cela nous aidera; what do you think of (all) that? que penses-tu de (tout) ça (or) cela?
(b) (as subject of être) ce, ça (or) cela ce...; ce becomes c' before vowel; ~ is the problem cela (or) ça, c'est le problème
(c) (slightly Infml) not as ... as ~ pas si ... que ça; it's not as bad as (all) ~ ce n'est pas si mauvais que ça

4. that Complementiser

(a) que; to think/say ~... penser/dire que...
(b) (to form relative clause: referring to object of verb) que; the person ~ I know la personne que je connais; the car ~ I bought la voiture que j'ai achetée
(c) (to form relative clause: referring to subject of verb) qui; the person ~ told me la personne qui me l'a dit; the car ~ has broken down la voiture (qui est) tombée en panne; note that with être verbs, the qui est etc can often be omitted in French a man ~ came from Spain un homme (qui est) venu d'Espagne; the train ~ has arrived at the station le train (qui est) arrivé en gare

5. that Quantifier

~ much, (pl) ~ many tant de..., (emphasising large number or amount) tellement de... (that, que); he took ~ many apples that I've got none left il a pris tellement (or) tant de pommes qu'il ne m'en reste plus; I spend ~ much time working that... je passe tellement de temps à travailler que...; (slightly Infml) there's not ~ much/many il n'y en a pas tant que ça

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