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1. what QU- word

(a) (as complement of verb in direct question) que (with inversion: slightly frm), qu'est-ce que, quoi (Infml: with normal word order); ~ are you doing? qu'est-ce que tu fais?, que fais-tu? (slightly frm), tu fais quoi là? (Infml); ~ did he say? qu'est-ce qu'il a dit?; (Infml) so ~ did he say, then? il a dit quoi, alors?; ~ on earth...?, ~ the heck...? (Infml), ~ the hell...? (more Infml) que diable...?; ~ on earth are you doing? que diable fais-tu?
(b) (as subject of verb in direct question) qu'est-ce qui, c'est quoi qui (Infml); ~ is worrying you? qu'est-ce qui t'inquiète?, c'est quoi qui t'inquiète? (Infml); (slightly Infml) ~'s come over you?, ~'s got into you? qu'est-ce qui te prend?
(c) (in indirect question: subject of verb in embedded clause) ce qui; (complement of verb in embedded clause) ce que; (complement of embedded infinitive) que; I don't know ~ he saw je ne sais pas ce qu'il a vu; I don't know ~ is worrying him je ne sais pas ce qui l'inquiète; I don't know ~ to do je ne sais pas que faire
(d) (complement of preposition) quoi; I don't know ~ he's talking about je ne sais pas de quoi il parle; ~ is he talking about? de quoi parle-t-il? (slightly frm), de quoi est-ce qu'il parle?, il parle de quoi? (Infml); (Infml) ~ are you on about? de quoi tu causes? (very Infml)

2. what Exclamation

(to express surprise, ask speaker to repeat) quoi?

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