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1. would Verb

(a) (used to express condition: often contracted to 'd and translated by the conditional tense in French) I would like..., I'd like... je voudrais..., j'aimerais... (frm); he'd come if he could il viendrait s'il pouvait; I'd never do that je ne ferais jamais ça; if he'd known, he ~ have helped you s'il l'avait su, il t'aurait aidé
(b) (used to express a habitual action in the past: usually translated by the imperfect) he ~ (sometimes) say... il avait l'habitude de dire...; he ~ sometimes come and visit me des fois il venait me voir
(c) (as past form of will: often translated by conditional or with imperfect of aller); he said he ~ come, he said he'd come il a dit qu'il viendrait, il a dit qu'il allait venir
(d) (in negative: with meaning of 'refused to') vouloir; the car ~n't start la voiture ne voulait pas démarrer; he couldn't, or rather ~n't, help us il ne pouvait pas, ou bien ne voulait pas, nous aider
(e) (frm) si seulement; ~ it were true si seulement c'était vrai

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