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French Word Searches for iPad

French Word Searches for iPad

French Vocab Games for iPhone

Free French Software

The following software is available to download for free from this site. Unless otherwise specified:

French Word Searches

An iPad version of French Word Searches and iPhone app including French word searches are also available.

With this simple French Word Searches application, play themed word searches based on 1,200 items of core French vocabulary. When the program loads, you are presented with a menu allowing you to select the combination of French vocabulary topics that you would like to use for the game. See the 'Select none' and 'Select all' icons at the bottom of the window to help with single or multiple selections. Once you are happy with your selection, press the 'Play' button (the green arrow) to start the game.

Download French Word Searches 0.5b (850K)


To highlight a word, select first the start letter then the end letter.


For application support, please use one of the following options:

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