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Review of French vocabulary flash cards

Flash cards can be a simple and effective way of learning and revising your French vocabulary. If you have a printer and don't mind spending a few minutes cutting up some paper, then you should try this site's free flash card printing utility. This allows you to manufacture your own vocab flash cards directly from your browser.

Alternatively, various publishers offer ready-made vocabulary flash cards to suit different needs. We'll give a brief overview here of some of the various offerings1. When deciding which to get, you'll need to think about things such as whether you want cards tailored to a specific exam. Some cards also offer pictures and aids to categorisation such as colour coding or tabs, which you may decide are important to you.

"Speak in a week" flash cards
Penton Overseas

In this newly released set of flash cards, each item of French vocabulary is accompanied by a simple drawing, possibly making them more attractive for classroom use. The cards are also colour-coded by topic. (You can hover over these links for more information.)

 Buying from the US:
Speak in a Week! Flash! French (Speak in a Week! Flash!)
 Buying from the UK:
Speak in a Week! FLASH! French: Essential Vocabulary for Effective Communication (Speak in a Week!)
 Buying from Canada:
Speak in a Week! Flash! French: 1001 Flash Cards
(N.B. If buying from Canada, please check stated availability before placing your order.)

GCSE/AS French Flash Revise Cards
Philip Allan Updates

Aimed specifically for learners in the UK studying for GCSE or AS-Level French exams. Depending on the level, two different versions are available (hover over the links for more information):

 GCSE French (Flash Revise Cards)
 AS French (Flash Revise Cards)

1000 French Vocabulary Flash Cards
Barcharts (2005)

This set of flash cards covers a fairly wide range of vocabulary. A neat feature is that the cards are organised into categories, and a "tab" at the top of the card indicates the category. This makes it easy to take at a glance all the cards for a particular theme.

 Buying from the US: French Vocabulary Flash Cards: 1000 Cards (Quick Study)
 Buying from the UK: French Vocabulary Flash Cards: 1000 Cards (Quick Study)
 Buying from Canada: French Vocabulary Flash Cards: 1000 Cards

Visual French Vocabulary Connections
Language Express

These cards take a slightly different approach. There are 100 cards, each with four related words. (In fact, sometimes more, as masculine/feminine verions are placed on the same card.) For some learners, the exercise of recalling several related words may be effective. These cards have the obvious disadvantage that you can't make a separate pile of individual words you don't remember as you're going through the cards. A verbs pack is also available, each card giving the conjugation of a basic verb in the present and perfect tenses.

 Buying from the US:
Visual French Vocabulary Connections (Language Express Cards) (Language Express Cards)
Visual French Verbs (Language Express Cards) (Language Express Cards)
 Buying from the UK:
French Vocabulary Connections: Visual Language Learning Cards
French Verbs: Visual Language Learning Cards

1. Please note that this overview is for information only; the publishers of the flash cards listed on this page are not connected with the French Linguistics web site.

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