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Franklin TG-450 12-language translator


The TG-450 is described as a "12-language translator" and covers an admirable range of vocabulary. Its comprehensive spelling correction, inclusion of inflected forms, and ability to search the phrasebook at the same time as the main vocabulary, make it an effective search tool for travellers and learners. I think that the TG-450 will be of most use to language learners and users with some of the following crteria:

  • Beginner to intermediate learner (probably up to advanced GCSE or A/S Level);
  • Have some basic knowledge of grammar (inflected forms are matched to their base form, but you're not told which form it is);
  • Require "holiday French", e.g. reading menus, understanding signs, emergency situations;
  • Are reading/using French or other Romance languages (these have good coverage of inflected forms);
  • Need to find words you've heard or are not sure of the spelling (the spelling corrector is quite comprehensive, at least for French);
  • Need to deal with several languages with one compact unit;
  • Want to test their vocabulary of Russian, Czech or Turkish (poorer support for inflected forms, but still adequate for basic vocabulary learning via the built-in games).

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