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French Widgets available from this site

Widgets are little self-contained tools that can be embedded in your blog, web site, home page or in some 'social networking' sites. Widgets developed for this site will be made available here for you to put on your own web page or blog if you want (or just use them here).

French Verb Conjugator Widget

This widget allows you to type in a French verb and see its full conjugation. In general, any verb that is in this site's French dictionary can be displayed. To display a pronominal ("reflexive") verb, type the se or s' before the verb as appropriate.

Provided by this site's sister Español-Inglés site, the accentuator widget makes it easy for you to type accents into some text. Use sequences such as e/ to get an e acute, e\ to get an e grave etc. For more details on possible sequences, see accentuator widget home page.

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