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Get more French wordsearches

If you've downloaded the free French wordsearches and are pining for more, then fear not: a further set of PDF files containing 350 wordsearches are available for download.

Compared to the free wordsearches, this larger set contains:

  • more topics: the current set has the following topics: basic adjectives, food, jobs, people and family, school and education, around town and shopping and travel and transport;
  • more variety: a total of 50 wordsearches are provided on each topic, with more sizes and combinations of size/word orientation;
  • answers are also provided on separate answer pages.

How to download

The worksheets are free to download in exchange for a Twitter post or Facebook mention (click the previous link for more information).

Alternatively, if you prefer, you may download the worksheets without such a post for a small charge of 5 US dollars. Either way, you can then download all 350 of the wordsearches, which are split across 7 files of 50 wordsearches each.

Right to print and distribute copies

Once you have downloaded the wordsearches, you are also granted permission to distribute printed copies of the wordsearches to students, fellow teachers etc— see below for details.

Level of vocabulary covered

The French vocabulary covered by the wordsearches is in general of a similar level to the vocab covered by the free wordsearches (see link at top of page). Before buying the wordsearches, you should check out the free sample to make sure they'll be suitable for your needs.

Note when using Paypal to download the wordsearches

To download the wordsearches immediately, make sure that you click on the button to return to the vendor's site after making your payment. This will take you to a special page from which you can download the PDF files. Otherwise, you will need to wait for an e-mail which will be sent to you shortly after you make the payment, giving the URL from which you can download the files. (If after 24 hours, you still haven't received this e-mail, please contact, quoting your Paypal Transaction ID.)

What if I shut my browser window before downloading and don't receive the e-mail?

If you follow the above procedure, you can download immediately after paying. However, you will also receive an e-mail giving the URL from which you can download, in case you don't get chance to make the download immediately (e.g. if you close your browser before going to the download page). However, please note that the e-mail may not arrive immediately.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the e-mail to arrive (although typically, it will be sent much sooner). Make sure that you check the spam folder of you e-mail software! If you still haven't received the e-mail, then in the first instance, please contact, quoting your Paypal Transaction ID. If possible, please provide a second e-mail address, in case a spam filter has deleted the initial e-mail.

Is the transaction secure?

All payment transactions made from the French Linguistics site are handled by Paypal, a market leader in handling such transactions securely. Paying by credit card also gives you the same security against fraudulent transactions as with any other credict card transaction.

Copying and distributing the wordsearches to your friends, students and colleagues

The PDF files are copyright material. However, permission is granted to distribute printouts and/or photocopies for non-commercial use to people who work or study at the same school or establishment that you do. (If you're a private French tutor teaching at home, then any of your private students count as studying at the same "establishment".) This means, for example, that with one purchase of the files, the following are permitted:

  • printing as many copies of any of the wordsearches as you need to give to your students or other students at your school/establishment;
  • printing copies and giving them to your classmates or coursemates (or people in other classes at the same school as you);
  • if you're a supply teacher working at several schools, you may give out printed copies to teachers/students at any of the schools you work at;
  • handing out printouts/photocopies of any of the wordsearches to any of your private students.

Please note that it isn't permitted to distribute the wordsearches for profit.

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