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French-English translation of falloir

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1 falloir Verb   Pronounce

(a) to take, require time, an amount of money; il faut X X is necessary (or) needed (or) required; il faut le faire it must be done, it (slightly frm) has to be done; il me/lui faut X I need/he needs X; il me faut plus de temps pour le faire I need more time to do it; il me faut le faire I need to do it; s'il le faut if need be, if necessary; il faut qu'elle fasse she needs to do, she must do; il faudrait qu'elle fasse she ought to do, she should do; (See: faut)

il/elle faut
il/elle fallait
il/elle faudra
il/elle a fallu
Present subjunctive
il/elle faille

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2 se falloir Verb, pronominal

(a) (frm) il s'en faut de... it is a matter of...; il s'en fallait de dix minutes I missed it (etc) by ten minutes

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