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  • Did you mean one of the following: barde, bardeau?
  • The form part could be from the present tense of the verb partir

1 part Noun, feminine

(a) share of money, portion, slice of cake; part in a job; avoir ~ à to have a share in; prendre ~ à to take part in, join in work, protest; faire ~ de qch to take sth into account; (fig) faire la ~ du feu to cut one's losses; pour une ~ to some extent, partly; pour une large ~ to a great or large extent, largely; à ~ separately; aside, to one side; à ~ qn/qch apart from sb/sth, except for sb/sth; à ~ cela otherwise; à part entière fully-fledged member, full citizenship; faire ~ de qch à qn to announce sth to sb, inform sb of sth, let sb know about sth, tell sb about sth; de la ~ de on behalf of, from; d'une ~ on (the) one hand; d'autre ~ on the other hand

Terms from the DGT glossary

French termEnglish term
Volume et part de marchéVolume and market share
Part de marchéMarket share
Part de marché des importationsMarket share of imports
part des réassureursreinsurers' share
Volume des ventes et part de marchéSales volume and market share
Volume des ventes et part de marchéVolume of sales and market share
Volume et part de marché des importationsImport volume and market share
Conditions quant à la part de marchéConditions relating to market share
Seuil de part de marchéMarket share threshold
Application du seuil de part de marchéApplication of the market share threshold
Volumes et part de marchéVolumes and market share
Part de marché et volume des ventesMarket share and sales volume
Volume et part de marché des importationsImport volumes and market shares

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