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French-English translation of plage

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1 plage Noun, feminine

How to pronounce plage

(a) beach; ~ de sable sandy beach; ~ de galets pebble beach (frm), pebbly beach; ballon de ~ beach ball; sac de ~ beach bag; serviette de ~ beach towel; tenue de ~ beachware; sur la ~ on the beach

(b) seaside resort; à la ~ on the beach, at the beach, at the seaside

(c) range of values; price range, bracket; ~ de temps period of time, timescale, time period; se trouver dans/en dehors de la ~ des valeurs attendues to be within/outside the expected range;

~ (horaire) (TV) viewing slot, longer viewing time; (School etc: in timetable) (time) slot; ~ musicale music intermission; ~ publicitaire commercial break, (block of) adverts (Infml); ~ de prix price range, price bracket; ~ de réception tuning range; (Tech) ~ de régime rev range; (Finance) ~ de taux rate band

(d) area; ~ lumineuse light area

(e) (Shipping) freeboard deck;

~ arrière quarterdeck; (car) back shelf, rear window shelf, parcel shelf (less common)

(f) (on record) track

Terms from the DGT glossary

French termEnglish term
Services récréatifs des infrastructures de plageRecreation parks and beach services

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