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French-English translation of truc

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  • Did you mean duc?

1 truc Noun, masculine

(a) trick

(b) (Infml) thing (neutral); (Infml) c'est pas mon ~ it's not my thing, it's not my cup of tea (Infml)

(c) (Infml) ~s stuff (sg); des ~s de fou crazy stuff, crazy shit (Slang)

(d) (Infml: problem) snag, thing; le seul ~, c'est qu'il ne pourra pas venir avant vingt heures the only thing (or) snag (or) problem is he won't be able to make it before eight

(e) (Infml: of woman) avoir ses ~s to have women's things (Infml), be on (Slang)

(f) (Rail) truck, waggon

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