Tips for getting the best book translation

The French Linguistics book translation service is ideal for translations of books and other material for publication, due to the level of attention that is paid to the quality of your text. (If you are interested in using this service, please address enquiries to; typical prices for translations for publication start at 80 Euros / 1000 words, depending on the volume of the text in question.)

However, here are some tips to be aware of for getting the best out of the service:

We can offer professional graphic design services (at extra cost) in addition to translation if this is required.

It's important to note that we can work directly from PDF or PageMaker files if they are the only format you have, or if you require translation and layout services in one package. However, there may be an extra charge for such services. If you've already contracted layout to another company, it may make sense to have a simple text version of your copy translated and then use the layout services that you've already paid for, or for which the publishing company can offer you a discount.

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