The French Linguistics web site offers a competitively priced translation service that strives to strike the appropriate balance between cost and quality for your project. But please note it is intended for clients whose primary focus is the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of their translations.

This is not the cheapest service you'll find anywhere on the Internet. If you just want any old rubbish churned out at the cheapest price possible, there are plenty of other agencies and web sites where you'll find that service.

The French Linguistics translation service is competitively priced. State of the art electronic databases and reference materials are used to ensure that the translation process used is productive without compromising quality. Indeed, given the quality and level of service offered, you are unlikely to find a more cost-effective solution from other providers. However, you still need to be realistic about the cost of a translation that will actually be suitable for your purposes.

If you are looking for a service that is focussed on the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of your translations and the needs of your business, while remaining as cost-effective as possible, then this is the right service for you. However, if you are simply looking to cut corners and translate large volumes as cheaply as possible irrespective of the quality and usefulness of the end result, then the services offered elsewhere will be more appropriate for you.

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Page last updated 24 May 2015.