Run by a professional software and web developer, the French Linguistics translation service is perfect for getting an effective SEO-aware translation of your web site.

Depending on your specific needs and setup, the translation of your web site may involve a similar process to the translation of most other documents. But in some cases, it may involve specific requirements. For example:

  • you may have content in a specific format exported from your CMS software that needs to be closely adhered to— you need to make sure that you are working with a translator that understands that a semicolon in the wrong place in either your HTML markup or the file structure itself could cause issues when you come to import the translation;
  • you are likely to require SEO-aware text in the translated pages of your web site, including the translation of keywords and body text— you need to work with a translator that understands the issues involved in producing a translation that search engines will be able to find and index appropriately;
  • you may require the translation of programmatic content from your back-end system, and hence a translator who understands the various file forms used for Java properties etc.

The French Linguistics translation service is run by a translator and language specialist who is also a certified professional developer. You'll be working with the same developer that has got the French Linguistics web site indexed in the top spots on major search engines.

To get a quote for the translation of your web site, please get in touch via the button below. Initially, it is usually enough to provide the URL of your web site and a brief mention of any particular requirements. For a more straightforward web site where you have your copy in a Word file, you may wish to attach this from the beginning in order to speed up the process.

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Page last updated 18 June 2015.