French Phrases: French titles of Officials and law enforcement workers

The French job titles on this page deal with the police, law enforcement and "official" duties.

 French jobs index

un gendarme-a police officer (with the Gendarmerie1)
un agent de police-a police officer (with the police nationalie1)
un(e) douanier (-ière)-a customs official
un officier de gendarmerie-a police officer with the Gendarmerie
un policier-a (male) police officer, policeman
une policière-a (female) police officer, policewoman
un(e) contractuel(le)-a traffic warden
une pervenche (Informal)-a female traffic warden, "meter maid"
un agent de la circulation-a traffic policeman
un gendarme adjoint volontaire (GAV)-a volunteer police officer
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1. The Gendarmerie is the military branch of the French police. It tends to deal with the day-to-day law enforcement in towns. The French police nationale is closer to what Scotland Yard is in the UK: it tends to deal with the "bigger picture" of serious organised crime, drug crime, immigration and terrorism.

More advanced vocabulary

un agent administratif-an administrative officer
un agent du fisc-a tax officer
un agent de la force publique-a law inforcement officer
un agent du gouvernement-a government official
un(e) député(e)-a member of government/parliament
un(e) diplomate-a diplomat
un membre...-a member... la police-...of the police
...des services secrets-...of the secret services
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