French Phrases: Common jobs and professions in French

General types of worker

The following don't describe specific jobs, but more the type of job carried out by a person:

un agent-an official, officer, agent
un agent publique-a public sector worker
un cadre-an executive
un chercheur-a researcher, research worker
un "col blanc"-a "white collar" worker
un "col bleu"-a "blue collar" worker
un(e) employé(e)-a worker, employee
un(e) employé(e) de bureau-an office worker, "white collar" worker
un(e) fonctionnaire-a state employee, civial servant
un officier-a officer
un ouvrier-a manual worker, workman, "blue collar" worker, labo(u)rer
un ouvrier d'usine-a factory worker
une ouvrière-a female manual worker
une ouvrière d'usine-a female factory worker, "factory girl"
un travailleur-a worker1
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1. The word travailleur doesn't tend to refer to individual workers, but is used in plural phrases such as les travailleurs étrangers = foreign/immigrant workers. (However, it can refer to the quality of an individual worker: c'est un bon travailleur = he's a good worker.

Specific job titles

The following pages list specific French job titles belonging to particular fields of work:

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