Saying some in French (ctd)

Continuing with our exercise on using du, de la and des, we will expand the exercise on this page to include words ending in -s like scissors. We'll also be forming more complete sentences— for example, rather than just saying some apples we might say I want some apples.

To make the examples into complete sentences, you'll use one of the following phrases in each case:

je veux... I want...
j'ai... I've got...
on a... we've got...
il y a... there's..., there are...
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Then, the exercise works as before. However:

  • if you are asked for a plural word (ending in -s, like scissors), then the word for some in French is des.

Remember you can click the "vocab" button to see a list of the words used in this exercise.

Next: final rules

Finally, on the next page there are just a couple more rules that we need to introduce: saying some when the word begins with a vowel, plus using besoin de.

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