French verbs with irregular future stems

As discussed on the previous page, French verbs form their future tense by adding endings to the future stem, which in most cases (even for irregular verbs) is the infinitive. However, a few verbs have irregular future stems, as listed in the table below. (Clicking on one of the infinitives in this table will open a new tab or window with a complete verb table for that verb, showing the full conjugation of the future tense.)

VerbFuture tense
êtreje serai, tu seras etc
avoirj'aurai, tu auras etc
-evoir: devoir, recevoir, décevoir etcje devrai etc; je recevrai etc, je décevrai etc
venir, tenir (and compounds)je viendrai etc; je tiendrai etc
voir and compoundsje verrai etc
allerj'irai etc
faire (and compounds)je ferai etc
pouvoirje pourrai etc
savoirje saurai etc
vouloirje voudrai etc
falloir, valoiril faudra; il vaudra etc
pleuvoiril pleuvra
mouvoir and compoundsje mouvrai etc
mourirje mourrai
(s')asseoirje m'assiérai etc, or je m'assoirai etc
cueillir, accueillirj'accueillerai etc
quérir and derived verbs: acquérir, conquérir etcj'acquérrai etc

Notice that even in the case of these irregular future stems, the future tense endings are always preceded by an r.

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